Junior Level Auditions

Please see your ILMEA District Junior Orchestra page for more information on Junior Chorus Auditions in your District.

Required Strings Audition Materials

Senior level auditions will be blind auditions; click here for a sample script of what to expect.

1. 2018-2019: Brahms Year

Click here for the state required excerpts for Fall 2018 auditions. (Click here for the bass clef version for cello.)

2. Senior-Level Scales

Click here for the Orchestra Scale Sheets

  • C, G, D, A, E, F, and Bb Major
  • c and g melodic minor
  • Violin-Viola-Cello: Three Octaves
  • String Bass: Two Octaves
  • Quarter Note = 120
  • Detached Bowing

3. Sight-reading

4. District selected supplemental excerpts. Please contact your district Orchestra Representative for more information.

Required Harp Audition materials

1. 2018-2019 Harp Etude

"#32 Allegro Scherzando," 40 Easy Studies (Quarante Celebres Etudes) op.318, Book 2, Nicholas Boscha (Salvi Publications)

  • Also available in Universal Method for the Harp, Boscha-Oberthuer (Carl Fischer) listed as #31. This book is currently out of print.
  • Quarter Note = 92

2. 2018-2019 Harp Excerpt

"Swan Lake Suite op.20a", Peter Ilyich Tschaikovsky

  • No.4 Scene - beginning through cadenza (stop before the 6/8)
  • Kalmus # A2185   - Luck's # 06921

3. Sight-reading

Following are the sight-readings from past years as guidance and practice. They will not be used again.

Required Winds & Percussion Audition materials